1989 Generation Initiative

It is fascinating to look at news reports from a year ago, because it all seems to fit so well together with today. Whether it is news on terrorism, warnings about an imminent refugee crisis or statements that Donald Trump would never ever run for president (despite him appearing at the Republican presidential rally to… » read more

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For almost two years the British media has been dominated by three topics: terrorism, refugees/immigration (often thrown into the same pot) and the EU referendum, or Brexit, as it has been coined. PM Cameron has successfully negotiated a deal with the EU on the special status of the UK within the EU, reinforcing the argumentative… » read more

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There was something ever so slightly annoying about the way David Cameron presented his EU reform settlement following the Council summit on Friday. “I don’t love Brussels; I love Britain”, quipped the Prime Minister. Not the best start to a campaign aimed at saving Britain’s troubled marriage with the EU. He will need to rediscover… » read more

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Cameron’s Crunch Time

With the release of Donald Tusk’s draft settlement on the UK’s EU renegotiation, the nation’s media collectively turned its head towards Brussels and David Cameron in scrutinising the substantive aspects of the text. Eurosceptics are correct to highlight that little would change in the day-to-day EU’s functioning should the deal be accepted and the British… » read more

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The following is largely based on Carlota Perez theory of the Great Surges of development, exposed in Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital[1]. It evidences the connection between technological change and capital markets, and suggests paths to rejuvenate the productive economy. Finance and technology The need to boost the real economy through capital markets is admitted,… » read more

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In the current economic and political context, solidarity is shattered by the spillover of the economic problems Member States have been struggling to deal with in the aftermath of the economic crisis, and now, the refugee crisis. Meanwhile Euroscepticism is rising along with extremist, nationalist movements and the European Union’s values and pillars – labour… » read more

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